Friday, March 9, 2012


Today wasn't rainy so I finally had a chance to finish up my DIY project. For comparision, I've posted up both the original & the finished product side by side.

What a difference! Even better, all the supplies to improve it cost me $20, which is less than I would have paid for a secondhand dresser at a thrift store or on Craiglist. I'm so pleased with the final effect, although I can't promise the drawers will stay that pale shade of gray forever. I may end up painting them again in a few months when I start longing for something more cheery or girly.

And next up, I've finally gotten to a point in my friend's Skywalker shawl that I feel I can post a picture of the progress. I didn't take a full-size photo because I'm actually in the middle of knitting a row, but I have to show off how nicely the Planet stitch is shaping up and that deserves a close-up shot anyway. :)

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