Monday, June 4, 2012


So...If anyone is interested to know...My story "Home for Hatter" was deleted off and I was banned from posting for several days because the summary was not G-rated. The irony that my story is rated M for Mature Audiences and I still managed to get a tersely worded email from the admins and a "recorded infraction" for breaking the "Guidelines of Submission" and failing to pander to the site's "widespread audiences" in the smutty story's summary does not elude me. I think it'd be a better idea to ban anyone under the age of 18...OR start a quality fanfiction website dedicated entirely to smutty 18+-reader stories in which case would never see me again. Because honestly, I've tiptoed over to "Adult" and hastily hit the back button when I realized that no one over there knows how to use punctuation or the spell check function in their word processing program.

Also, I know I've been horrifically absent lately, but that's due to my crazy work schedule which has moved from part-time to full-time baby-sitting as well as the fact that I am—finally—starting to focus on "Temperance" again...when I'm not starting sewing/quilting projects...and knitting...and working...

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  1. I agree with you. You know, I thought because the M section was separate from the K-T that it would give the writers more leeway, but unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the case. Have you thought about making a couple of tabs here and possibly uploading your stories on there through the blog? Although, I do completely see your point of having a "quality" 18+ website to allow the writers the freedom to post their work without any worry of this. Ugh. So annoying!