Monday, June 18, 2012


So, I'm pleased to announce that a few short hours ago, I finally typed up the last chapter of my first draft of Temperance & the Duke.

I've spoken to my friend Hollie, who was agreed to take on the task of designing the cover art, and she's going to come up with a few sketches by December so that is flowing very smoothly. We had a great discussion brainstorming what I pictured and her suggestions and questions.

I've sent copies of the draft to some of my most trusted friends for suggestions that I can implement in December when I begin the editing process. I desperately want to jump right in, but I've often been told that editing is best done when you have stepped away for a little while so that you can come back to the story with a fresh, new perspective and it will give you time to 'detach' yourself from some of your favorite scenes so that you edit more objectively.

Whoo! Talk about PROGRESS this month. :)

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